From our privileged location in the Miraflores barrio, known for being tranquil and safe, you’ll find yourself within walking distance to the downtown area, the cultural San Antonio neighborhood, and much more.

At our great Cali hostel, you can expect beautifully furnished rooms that are bright, airy and spacious. We offer rooms of 3 single beds with a shared bathroom, a double and single bed with private bathroom, and a double bed with private bathroom and balcony with a view of Cuenca.

You can use our kitchen to prepare your own meals, or we can cook for you if you like, and from the dining room you’ll get a beautiful view of the city.

Come enjoy a unique and friendly stay at the best accommodation in the entire city. We can't wait to welcome you to Casa Agua Canela!

Best Priced Cali Hostels

Enjoy the sights and Cali hostels in the beautiful city of Colombia in Latin America. The city of Cali in Colombia enjoys great sunny weather all year round. This is one of the main reasons why the inhabitants of the third largest city in Colombia wear less clothes and hold more parties compared to other cities. The Calenos are fun-loving and have adopted salsa as their own. If you visit the Juanchito district, you can dance all night long until dawn for the whole week.

Although the city boasts of its modernity and industries, the city is still adorned with interesting colonial buildings. The tree-lined banks of Rio Cali make the city a perfect place to take a stroll and do sightseeing. Aside from the great sites and wonderful views, Cali also has the best priced Cali hostels that suit the budget of any traveller and offer various services and amenities. Here are some of the best budget hostels in Cali:


At a very affordable rates, this hostel offers clean and tidy rooms and staff that are very friendly and helpful. The owner of the hostel knows great places to go to, whether you would like to go dancing, dine out or even various outdoor activities. The hostel is also located in a nice and quiet neighborhood.


A recently renovated Cali hostel, which offers a calm and quiet atmosphere with nice rooms and good facilities. There are a lot of shops nearby and lies very close to the shopping mall so you are assured to have everything that you need.


If you are the type of person who is outgoing then this is the Cali hostel for you. It directs you to different sport activities such as rock hiking, ecological high mountain claims, paragliding, downhill cable, biking, horseback riding and many others. This is perfect for backpackers, youth and alternative travelers.


A hostel that offers professional salsa and latin dance classes as well as professional yoga classes for FREE! The hostel also has a mini-bar, gym and game zone, which are also for free.


If you are looking for a warm and homey feeling and environment, this is the perfect place for you. This hostel is equipped with nice rooms with good and modern facilities. There are a number of fancy restaurants for a unique gastronomic experience.


Save considerable amount of money in this hostel’s affordable accommodation with hotel-like qualities and amenities. Services include WiFi, laundry service, fully-equipped kitchen, bathroom with hot water.


This hostel offers warm and hospitable atmosphere that is common to Calenos. Accommodations are offered at very affordable rates for common rooms, in bunk beds, simple beds or double beds with lockers.


A small Cali hostel that offers great accommodation and delightful atmosphere. The hostel has a restaurant, which offers great food for the guests.